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"Prior to the turn of the decade, the world was expecting another ordinary year full of changes. However, people were unprepared for the unpleasant surprises 2020 would bring, particularly the onset of a global pandemic. As the media reported the Coronavirus's arrival in the United States, people started taking precautions and stocking up on supplies. Masks became essential to the masses, and when stocks came in short, others started innovating and creating their own. Diana True Knox was among those who created a mask of her own, eventually leading to La Moda Masks' creation.

When the Coronavirus came ashore early last year, many people were afraid and took extra precautions to avoid contracting the virus. In July, Diana True's grandmother was diagnosed and brought in an ambulance. She was then put on a ventilator, and Diana and her family did not see her for a month. Because her grandmother was the prime caretaker of Diana's grandfather, Diana returned to her hometown and helped her parents take care of him. Her cousin would join them in caring for Diana's grandfather. Eventually, her grandmother passed away. As a way of honoring her grandmother, Diana created La Moda Masks.

The mask connectors sold come with a complimentary reusable mask. They function in different ways. Each comes with chains that can allow users to keep the mask on as a necklace, removing the need to set it down for meals outside or in the company of others. The masks also function as a sunglasses connector as La Moda includes them with each purchase. 

Diana True's background as a digital marketing director for a luxury department store contributed to the brand's success. Having worked in retail since college, she learned the ropes of how the retail world works, from pricing products to wholesale. Diana practiced her knowledge to quickly make revenue through her TikTok

Witnessing the success of viral marketing, Diana used the extra time she had to start La Moda Masks with her cousin's help. Her venture proved to be successful as they went viral the day following their post. Within a week, La Moda Masks started shipping to fourteen states, quickly creating a solid collection. In less than a year, Diana has sold masks to every state. Following their vast revenue, La Moda Masks have been donating portions of their profit to Covid-19 related medical relief as Diana hopes to encourage people across the nation to stay safe and wear a mask.

Diana True plans to pivot her business and eventually shift her focus to jewelry. She hopes that her continued success will lead to the creation of a clothing brand. 

Learn more about Diana True and La Moda Masks by visiting their official website. You can also find their inventory on Instagram."


"The outbreak of COVID-19 has impacted individuals and industries in unimaginable ways. Not only has it halted economic activities and daily life, but it caused the deaths of countless people worldwide. Diana True Knox, the founder of La Moda Masks, is one of the millions of individuals who lost a loved one. In her grief, she all the more realized the importance of taking preventive measures against the spread of the virus. Today, she stands at the helm of a company dedicated to providing fashionable and convenient mask chains.  

In early July of 2020, Diana True Knox had to contend with the reality of a family member getting diagnosed with COVID-19. Her grandmother, who was taken in an ambulance and quickly put on a ventilator, not to be seen by the entire family for a month, passed away because of the complications brought about by the disease. 

In recognition of the all-time high need for masks as well as for accessories that make wearing them less of a hassle, Diana True Knox, along with her cousin CB, founded La Moda Masks. As a rising personality on TikTok, she has witnessed the success of viral marketing, and the knowledge she has gained about the trade, coupled with the extra time on her hands, became the fuel of what would grow into an acclaimed mask connector business. 

Wielding the power of social media and capitalizing on the current trends that have propelled figures and ventures into the limelight, Diana True Knox managed to push La Moda Masks to the forefront. “We made a lot of chains and started making TikTok videos about it. A day later, we went viral, and one week afterward, we were already shipping to fourteen states,” shares the visionary founder of this fast-growing establishment.

Since La Moda Masks started on July 24, it has taken center stage with its top-notch offerings. Each mask connector available through this purpose-driven venture comes with a complimentary reusable mask and sunglasses connectors that enable the chains to be worn three ways -- as a mask connector that prevents users from misplacing their masks, like a sunglasses connector, and as a necklace. This multifacetedness lies as one of the reasons behind the extent to which Diana True Knox’s brainchild has succeeded in appealing to customers who appreciate utility and safety. 

Additionally, driven by its creators’ dedication to fight against COVID-19 and help those who have been impacted, La Moda Masks gives a portion of its profits to COVID-related relief, contributing to the global effort of assisting the growing number of people hit by the social and economic effects of the pandemic.

Currently, La Moda Masks has already sold to almost every state and is bound to reach more customers in the coming months. As it continues to provide mask connectors that can help people keep their masks in place, it hopes to send across a powerful message about the importance of wearing masks, especially in the midst of the still-ongoing spread of the virus."

- US News